Credo Geschichte

Credo (which is ‘I believe’ in Latin and comes from credere = to believe) is more than a word; it’s our creed and our mission.

More than 60 years ago, some believers decided to start camps for young people so that they could bring them closer to Jesus and deepen their faith. This work has been supported throughout all these years by our many collaborators and their commitment to this statement: ‘Credo’, I believe. It is how obstacles and oppositions were overcome. Many children and teenagers have since encountered Jesus Christ and now have God in their lives.

The Unspunnen castle was purchased for the sake of this work, and has enabled thousands of people of all ages to have a wonderful and relaxing stay at Credo. This is a place where they can encounter and experience God.

The kids’ camps are still at the heart of Credo’s mission. They are the reason why the Credo Association (Credo Verein) exists, which supports these camps in many ways.