“REFRESH” 3-Week Torchbearers International Bible School 2018

Our 3-Week English-speaking Bible School is a unique concept within Torchbearers International. The reason being, we offer four modules over four years, with each module lasting three weeks. We consider this offering to be of particular interest to those aged 25 or over, who are unable to take periods of more than three weeks off work, for example. Naturally we welcome all applicants, regardless of age and background and would love you to come and discover (or re-discover) the transforming presence of Jesus Christ! “Christ in you, the hope of glory” (Colossians 1:27).

The next module will take place from February 25 to March 16, 2018. It is not a requirement to have attended previous modules and as each module is distinct from others, students can join our Bible School at any stage.

It is also possible to come for only one or two weeks.

We also provide child care (age 3 and older) during the lessons.



Bible Teachers

We have 3 Bible Teachers from various Torchbearers Centers around the globe:


First Week: Kurt Schneck

Kurt Schneck is former principal of Torchbearer Bible School Schloss Klaus in Austria. Since September 2015 retired he still has invitations for speaking in different countries (churches, Torchbearer Centers…). Now he lives on Burg Sternberg in Carinthia (Austria)

Kurt will teach the book of Romans:

“Paul`s Epistle to the Romans is probably his most well known letter with tremendous influence in personal lives and that of churches, and also lies at the heart of ‘The Reformation’.

In his letter Paul deals with most important themes on salvation and sanctification. Starting with an extremely sobering diagnosis (Romans 3.23) he moves on to God´s complete solution for the problem – the sacrifice of Christ and from there on living by the power of the Holy Spirit (Romans 3-8). He also answers the question: “What went wrong with Israel?” (Romans 9-11) and concludes his letter with a most powerful practical application of this gospel in daily living, which actually is the real climax: Living out what God has put in!”











Second Week: Richard Dahlstrom

Richard Dahlstrom is a pastor at Bethany Community Church in Seattle, a thriving church with more than 3’000 attendees. He speaks at conferences and various Torchbearers Centers in North America, Europe, Asia and Central America. His book “The Colors of Hope: Becoming People of Mercy, Justice and Love” was labeled by Christianity Today as one of the best books in 2011. Richard is a father of three adult children. If he is not teaching or writing he loves hiking, climbing and skiing.

Richard will speak about the first letter to the Corinthians:

“When Christ calls us to himself, he always calls us into a community as well.  This is because following Jesus means making Jesus visible in our world through His body, which is called the church.  Understanding what it means to live, not just as individual Christians, but as Christians called to community is central to Paul’s theme in his letter to the Corinthians.  He addresses sexual ethics, singleness, marriage, financial ethics, individualism, women in leadership, and the importance of finding your spiritual gift and using it.  All of these things will help us discover our calling to live in community as the body of Christ. There is no more exciting calling!” 











Third Week: Rob Whittaker

Rob Whittaker was, until 1997, Senior Pastor of Calvary Christian Fellowship, a church he and his wife planted in 1974 in Lostock Hall, a small mill town to the south of Preston. In 1998 Rob joined the Capernwray Missionary Fellowship of Torchbearers and in 2001 became Principal of Capernwray Bible School. He preaches extensively throughout Europe in Churches, Bible Schools and Conferences, and more recently his travels have taken him on numerous occasions to Australia, Canada and the USA. Rob’s passion is to take the life giving teaching of the Bible and mesh it with 24 – 7 living in a transforming friendship with Jesus.

Topic: “Getting the king out of the boy”

“Most of us know the account of David being chosen to be the future king of Israel as recorded in 1 Samuel chapter 16. Some of us know the account of David becoming king of Israel and Judah as recorded in 2 Samuel chapter 5. But how many of us know the 25 year journey between God’s promise and its fulfilment in Davids life? We will explore the training program that God put David through – it almost killed him – but it turned a boy into a man and a man into a king! Our aim is to allow the Lord Jesus to teach us these same, life transforming, lessons.”













Mission Statement of Torchbearers International

“Our Mission is to proclaim the transforming presence of Jesus Christ, through biblical teaching and practical training, equipping men and women for service in His Church worldwide.”


Purpose of the Bible School

The objective of this relatively intensive and concentrated course is to provide training for Christians, in order:

  1. to facilitate the deepening of relationship with, faith in, and commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, i.e. to come to personally
  2. experience the reality of His indwelling life – “Christ in you”;
  3. to increase our knowledge of God’s Word;
  4. to provide opportunities for practical application of spiritual and mental learning;
  5. to promote the development of the Christian as a whole person, i.e. spiritually, mentally and physically; and
  6. to give students the advantages of cross-cultural and multi-cultural Christian exposure, also by providing a community environment which encourages Christian fellowship, maturity, responsibility, participation, and cooperation.


Typical Schedule

A typical day will include three lectures in the morning and one lecture in the evening. The afternoons will provide an opportunity for personal study or reflection and/or exploring the wonderful mountainous setting, by going skiing, ski touring or snowshoe walking, or strolling around Interlaken for example. When appropriate, these activities will be led by a guide.



Feedbacks from previous years

“I have been overwhelmed by God’s grace, love and faithfulness that He showed through the staff at Credo in the past few weeks. The bible classes have been very refreshing and I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity. God has spoken to me in amazing ways and I am excited for the new journey ahead of me knowing that God is already there. I am forever grateful!” 

“I got inspiration and depth for my prayer life: God sees, is there and rewards. I enjoyed the great nature and talking to other christians.”

“In these 3 weeks I was reminded how amazing our gracious God is in forgiving and living in us, how wonderful and refreshing is His Word and His creation, and how sweet is fellowship with other believers.”

“My time at Credo was a time of spiritual growth and refreshment. In addition to this it was also a time to share with others from around the world. It was exciting to make new friends and connect with believers from a wide variety of countries, cultures and backgrounds. All ot this in the middle of a beautiful and majestic setting.”

“During this 3 weeks I came to understand what it truly means to be ‘in Christ’. I have been a ‘new creature’ for a long time but did not really understand what that meant.”

 “It was a blessing to come to Credo. I got spiritually strength and refreshement. Bless you.”

“It was a great experience for me to visit a bible school with mature people over 25 years. I also loved to share my experiences with Jesus. The time here was another blessing for my life and a really great time with my Heavenly Father.”

“I have been reminded of many things which I have learnt years ago but never lived or stopped living it. It was refreshing and encouraging to transform things into my life and understand them with my heart.”



Torchbearers Switzerland is based in Wilderswil, a charming village near Interlaken and in the center of the world famous Jungfrau Region with its renowned mountains and breathtaking scenery. Please see http://www.credo.ch/anfahrt/?lang=en for the exact location.

Situated overlooking the wide valley is our house, Credo (Latin for ‘I believe’). Its charming castle-like architecture is evident throughout the house, which offers a distinctive, regal and warm atmosphere for up to 120 guests (most rooms have en-suite showers and toilets). The kitchen staff prepare excellent Swiss meals, and there is a snack bar on site




More pictures of the house and the surroundings you find on our main page





How to get there

The nearest airport is Zurich, Switzerland. International flights also fly into Geneva, Basel or Bern. Both Zurich and Geneva Airports are directly connected to the excellent Swiss public transportation network. Hourly trains take you from Zurich Airport to Interlaken in 2h30min and from Geneva Airport in 3h. At the train station Interlaken West we will pick you up with the Credo van. Please let us know your arrival time.

For more Information about travelling, feel free to check out the Swiss railway website: http://www.sbb.ch/en/home.html, or if you have enquiries, please feel free to Email us at: info@credo.ch or phone us on: +41 33 822 32 06.


Course fees

CHF 1’250.- per person (including full board, room, tuition, student fees, free wireless internet and Credo facilities)

You may also bring your children (costs below). During the lessons we will provide child care for those of age 3 and older.

0-3 years free; 4-12 years CHF 650.-; 12-15 years CHF 800.-

You can either wire the money (bank information) or pay in cash (Swiss Francs or Euro) or with credit card when you are here.

Not included within the course fees: Books, ski passes

Price for one week:  CHF 450.-

Price for two weeks:  CHF 900.-



Packing list


How to apply

To apply please click on the button below.

We would be delighted to welcome you to our center and enjoy fellowship and getting to know the Lord Jesus better together!

Torchbearers Switzerland
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